nowadays, when many things are permanently getting cheaper and becoming valueless, we are determined to point out the particularities of individuals, styles and products. pool – as a high-quality freemagazine with selective distribution-points – sends out a clear statement for more quality, content and aesthetic. turning away from fast-moving trends towards everlasting topics without expiry date.

the spectrum of the content is defined as an exclusive “catchment pool”, collecting stimulations from the fields of fashion, music and contemporary art up to beauty, leisure and design – in short: life & culture. pool is presenting its sophisticated content in german and english. a selected mixture of editorials and an accentuated reduced artwork of the layout is especially focusing on the conscious consumer, having a distinctive sense of style and taste. furthermore, pool is a valuable source of inspiration for decision-makers of the retail-sector.

pool acts as a link between the brand, the artist and the consumer. besides the germanspeaking area, the distribution-circle covers regions like scandinavia and eastern-european countries, as well as france, england, spain and italy; furthermore selective spots at new york and tokyo. to meet the specific requirements of the readers, pool is distributed exclusively throughout selected fashion- and department-stores, urban design-bookstores and art galleries as well as designhotels, beauty-spas and international events in the field of design and creativity. distribution co-operations, that are based on relationships, allow to increase the tight network permanently and thereby to achieve intersectoral effects.

editor in chief, helmut wolf - "kodex"-interview (in german)