into the heart

what strength runs through us,

lost and full of energy,

the moment becomes the centre,

sunlight falls, so much magic and pain,

it’s too late and always starts.

big mountains, rivers that never end.

we never stop, where will life take me.

i look for something to hold on to

and land softly … on the ground.

help me, i’m falling so fast …

thoughts flow from my inside,

carried by endless longing,

lost, forgotten, returned.

where will the new path take us?

will life take me into its heart again,

carry me away, to the cradle of security?

the moment finds you,

fills you up with pain and longing,

nourishes your heart, takes, adds.

the desire is big, almost overpowering,

to feel, to live, to expand.

again and again, want to hold it tight,

and it runs like sand through my fingers.

everybody’s searching,

guided by the current,

swirled, broken,

alliviate, agitated by it …

and what happens at the end?

will everything be alright?

will there be peace at long last …?

love is better than a song …