natural beauty

thousands of pink flamingos are swarming across the vast landscape; white wild horses are trotting through salt water lagoons - a pulsating fauna and flora that is breathtaking for every observer. if you believe this almost paradisiacal landscape to be located in some exotic part of the world, think again. in the middle of europe, in southern france to be exact, lies the nature reserve of camargue, where marine biologist and award-winning nature photographer fergus kennedy captured an impressive potpourri of nature photo impressions. thereby fergus used canon’s latest digital slr eos 7d. amongst others this model is characterized by the newly developed 18 mp cmos sensor and 8 fps shooting.

covering approximately 1,000 km2, the camargue region is considered europe’s largest river delta, with around 400 species of birds cavorting around its giant salt lakes. close to 20,000 “great flamingos” live here, making a spectacle in the sky every day. the free-living white horses of the camargue certainly are also among the highlights of this region which is a designated unesco world heritage site. besides this photo documentary, film maker and marine biologist fergus kennedy has worked on various other nature conservation projects before, for example the exploration of the ecological conditions of chile’s sandy beaches, or dolphin and whale behaviour research in scotland. kennedy’s nature photographs have been published in a number of books, magazines and newspapers such as elle or the sunday telegraph.

all photos taken by fergus kennedy with canon eos 7d

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