the power of the heart

our hearts are the centre of all our thoughts and actions. the souls of people and companies alike are fed by the rhythm of our hearts. while for many years it was considered inappropriate to listen to your heart instead of rational facts, we are now experiencing a fundamental change. humanistic, ethical and “emotional” elements gradually take the place of cool rationality. by turning away from “society’s economization”, we find our way to the heart of things, to the soul of life and human coexistence. concepts like values, authenticity, meaning, happiness, intuition, consensus and love – which as we all know come straight from the heart – are experiencing a new heyday. does this mean we are about to find the true goal in life of “goodness, realness and beauty” proposed by philosopher plato more then 2,000 years ago? in the end, the only thing that counts is the power of the heart, which nobody can withdraw from ...

helmut wolf