children, live
they don’t think before they do something. they just do it, without reservations, without purpose, without calculations. their imagination is unlimited, as is their will to live. their openness amazes, disarms. they breathe new life, fresh energy, new perspectives into deadlocked structures. they ask many questions without being prejudiced. they are looking for warmth, for love, affection, harmony, sense, simplicity. they long for a friend, they love animals and nature. they are afraid, they want to understand, want to be understood and taken seriously. they are looking for answers “why am i here?”. they feel grief, worries, they can comfort, mediate, help. they inspire us to think, to reflect. they can be restless, demanding, untamed and impatient. they hold up a mirror to our faces without accusing us. they show us the small, precious things. they love games, they’re playing life. they love life. without them, life would be pallid and silent – children, live.
photos: stephanie golser