playing her role
moving around, thinking, feeling, acting
frequently asked questions
to emmanuelle bach, actress

what is your philosophy of life?
always try to do your best, stay open-minded, don’t take yourself too seriously and most of all: at all times keep trying out new things.

what inspires you most?
everything around me, my environment.

what are you dreaming of?
what comes up next ...

your favourite colours?
i love all colours owing to their differences.

what are you taking most of your time for?
staying open-minded.

your favourite film-interpreter?
at the moment, all the actors in the film “head on“

your favourite book?
my favourite books are “narcisse and goldmund“ by herman hesse and “the confessions of nat turner” by william styron.
photographer: thierry sauvage
model: emmanuelle bach
stylist: marie revelut / barbara mierau
hair artist: chiaki sabata / agence 21