aesthetics & humanity

in a way, we are the “gardeners of our planet”. we have the duty to care for it, to protect it, preserve it and make it grow. worldwide communication and global thinking and acting also mean to take responsibility for future developments and our life on planet earth.

since 2003, pool magazine has been dedicated to pleasure, aesthetics and most of all humanity. our aim has always been to present the people behind the ideas and products, behind the passion and visions. “pool +” stands for our evolvement as a medium and our new cooperation with the red cross, the plus sign representing an even closer link between our editorial pillars of “aesthetics & humanity”.

french philosopher emmanuel lévinas once said that “all ethics come from interpersonal relationships, from people’s love of one another”, and in line with this statement we want to focus on the beauty in these ethical relationships. this beauty radiates positive power and has many different faces – from helping out a person in need to protecting our environment, thinking a happy thought or enjoying timelessly beautiful products and designs.

helmut wolf