the jeanmaker
the tailor’s shears symbolize something like the origin of every piece of clothing. besides the functional aspect, there also are emotional elements such as tradition, craftsmanship and the love for detail. it therefore is not a coincidence that the tailor’s shears are also a part of the logo of the jeans brand denham. its founder, jason denham, has great respect for the centuries-old art of jeans couture. nevertheless, his jeans products have an entirely modern, even outright progressive look …

the words denim and denham sound quite similar. coincidence or not – it certainly is telling that denim jeans have been jason denham’s passion for many years. accordingly, the british-born tailor refers to himself and his brand today as “jason denham: the jeanmaker”. his path of life has led him through a range of product workshops and companies in the jeans industry for many years. it all began in 1992, when - as part of a collaboration with british fashion designer joe casley-hayford - denham made his first jeans for the band u2. afterwards, he acted as product manager for brands like pepe jeans, swift denim and the fair-trade label kuyichi. in 2001, he founded a jeans brand with the suggestive name “blue blood”.

in 2009, jason denham finally launched the brand “denham – the jeanmaker”. throughout the eclectic collection, one can literally feel with every product that “jeans-blue blood” must run in jason denham’s veins. with great dedication, he renders homage to progressive design elements and unusual details; at the same time however, authentic elements of the traditional way of manufacturing jeans build the foundation. a bridging of chronological and cultural worlds that is successful by all means – also because the continuous respect for the long history of jeans is maintained at all times. in this context, jason denham speaks of a “respectful revolution”, where tradition and innovation carry the same importance and boost each other. his high quality standard when it comes to materials shows in the use of a japanese denim fabric (“hiro japanese selvedge denim”), which has proven to be a characteristic and robust material.

at last, all the character elements of the products as well as the general philosophy of the jeans brand denham are showcased in the affectionately furnished “design-studio-store” in amsterdam’s prinsengracht. in one of the traditional old canal houses of amsterdam’s old town, the heart and soul of the company are literally made visible. besides the design centre, furnished with lots of wood and authentic materials, one will also find a showroom, a store and the proudly assembled “denham garment library” here in prinsengracht. for over 15 years, jason denham has collected original jeans products, authentic work wear, military clothing and travel utensils from all over the world and various eras for this library. a comprehensive pool of ideas that provides lots of stimulation and inspiration for the design team.

to sum up, one could say that jason denham with his very young jeans brand portrays something like the “new generation of realistic visionaries”. and if someone like this passionately announces the analogy of “what’s old today is new tomorrow”, we definitely believe him.

helmut wolf