take action
respect – a concept that sports wear brand knowledgecotton apparel has been guided by for the past 40 years. their innovative products are always based on a respectful relationship between brand, environment and customers and a close connection between nature and sports.

“the best we have depends on the opinion of others.” knowledgecotton apparel have made this holistic statement by famous philosopher arthur schopenhauer an integral part of their company philosophy. they believe that people are less powerful on their own and can only achieve and create something vital when they work together. always respecting the environment and the individual, the danish clothing brand keeps looking for new perspectives to evolve their products and workflows. the heart and soul of knowledgecotton apparel revolves around the continuous appreciation of nature and human dignity.

their collections are made from 100 percent certified cotton and the company’s aim is to cut back 150 tons in pesticides and fertilizers from their value chain by 2015. the company’s motto is to take action instead of talk. however, although the brand seeks to protect the environment and our natural resources from negative influences, they still want to promote a positive attitude towards life. for them, conscious pleasure and surrounding yourself with beautiful things should not conflict with an ethical lifestyle.

founded about 40 years ago, knowledgecotton apparel not only seeks to encourage ecological awareness but also places great importance on finest product quality, enhanced durability and perfect fits. their products reflect their passion for authentic casual and sportswear, with their raw and natural shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants and accessories emphasizing their love of nature.

resting on the pillars of design, quality, history and biological backgrounds, the brand’s products always constitute a harmonious combination of historic and modern elements. founded by mads mørup, knowledgecotton apparel can look back on a long company history. the brand’s expertise traces back to mørup’s father jørgen, who in 1969 founded the j.mørup fabric factory, today one of northern europe’s biggest producers of organic cotton. the danish sportswear brand doesn’t just talk about sustainability, it acts. and their company motto “gain knowledge. take action. earn respect.“ is just another proof for this.

helmut wolf