raw cooking
for more than 20 years, the jeans brand g-star has been acting by the precept of “just the product“. only a few other clothing brands stay true to their stylistic orientation with a consistency comparable to that of g-star without becoming dull or all too compliant. without a doubt, they have created a new form of denim aesthetics located somewhere inbetween classic jeans wear and custom high fashion style.

“we have many cooks and i simply like to eat,” chuckles the founder and chief executive of jeans label g-star jos van tilburg when asked about the brand’s 20 in-house designers. he sports the satisfied smile of a creative person who has found his way in life and follows it in his everyday company philosophy. inspired by his love of “genuine” and sustainable things, tilburg founded g-star back in 1989. “i love beautiful old things, but i also like modern design. in a nutshell, that’s the concept behind g-star,” explains the charismatic ceo. for him, jeans also represent a link between past and present.

with their cultivated “raw denim” line, the internationally renowned, amsterdam-based company has triggered an evolving development followed by the entire jeans industry. “form must follow function in quality design” is the aesthetic guideline the company abides by, which is also reflected in their collections. “we do what we like and what makes us happy. and by way of our products, we share this happiness and energy with our customers.” in addition to their core products, the label has come up with many “coincidental” products over the last few years. things like their “raw ferry” boat construction, the “raw cannondale” bike or the off-road vehicle “raw defender” developed in collaboration with land rover all rather “just happened”. “we don’t do these things because of the money, we’re simply curious and open towards all things new and unconventional.”

on the other hand, the company is characterized by a high degree of consistency and stylistic discipline serving as the creative foundation for such experimental flights of fancy. a fine example for this consistency is their 20 years of collaboration with designer pierre morriset, who defined the “raw denim look” and has evolved it into today’s comprehensive concept from pants to retail design. g-star’s appealing international collection just goes to show that quality knows no physical or cultural boundaries.

helmut wolf