light art
from time immemorial, the symbolic strength of coca cola has been a source of inspiration for artists and all kinds of creative individuals. as a brand, as a beverage and as a design object, “coke” makes its mark in various film genres, art projects and forms of literature. with the premiered works of the coke light art edition 2006, it has once again been made obvious what a creatively stimulating effect the timeless soft drink has on art.
only few mass-produced articles have managed to retain such a high level of credibility amongst the most varied social stratums and cultures across so many decades. since back then until today, the vigorous aura of coca cola is still unbroken and probably the best example of how art, consumption and routine day-to-day culture can be successfully combined with one another. “coke” can be found at every spot on this earth, the curved writing is accepted as a familiar sign of eternally lasting youth and the refreshing taste of the beverage contributes to the collective essence of meaning of the soft drink par excellence. great film makers such as billy wilder or martin scorsese drew inspiration from the form and aesthetics of the shapely bottle in the same way as renowned artists of the 21st century like marcel duchamp, josef beuys as well as the pop art stylists robert rauschenberg, jasper johns or andy warhol. while in the past it was usually the case that many artists grappled with the brand without the company’s involvement, with the “coke light art edition 2006”, a project for artistic self-reflection has now been brought into being initiated by coca cola itself. in doing so, 14 austrian creative artists were invited by means of curator nominations to come to grips with the brand and the so typical bottle. the guiding principle was to artistically interpret “the spirit for intuition, individuality and courage for one’s own journey through life”. the “coke light” bottle was not just to function as the carrier of the creative message in this process, but was also to be defined as an autonomous work of art. during the selection of the prize winner, the independent jury clearly put less significance on commercial and aesthetic criteria in order to exclusively give precedence to inventive aspects. ultimately selected as award recipients were three artists / artistic groups that managed to convince the curators with their conceptual approach: manfred erjautz for his paper white bottle interpretation “with out”, lord jim loge powered by monochrom the logo artwork “keiner hilft keinem” (no one helps no one) as well as the artistic group bad beuys for the “flaschentrockner” (bottle dryer). besides the prize money of 5,000 euros each, the works will be distributed to the consumer in the form of 150,000 art bottles mainly through selected top caterers. further art editions are planned for the future if the project is received enthusiastically by the art world and the consumers.